Rocky Water Crystals are polymers that start out salt like, but upon hydration expand and take on the look of crystals.

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Use these polymers/crystals to aid in growing and maintaining beautiful house plants, outdoor plants, shrubs, and even your yard!  A single teaspoon of dehydrated polymers will yield 1 cup of crystals.

It is suggested that you hydrate your polymers first if mixing with soil for potted plants (once wet the polymers will expand, if you pot them when they are dehydrated upon watering your soil will overflow your container). Once they have expanded mix them with your soil and pot your plants as usual. You will be able to go longer without watering as the polymers will aid in watering by slowly releasing moisture to the soil as they dry out. And never worry; a single watering will replenish your Rocky Water Crystals.

When planting shrubs, once the hole is dug, toss in a handful of Rocky Water Crystals (dry or hydrated), and then place your root ball on top and fill in with soil (polymers can be add to the filling soil as well). Laying grass? Sprinkle your yard liberally with dehydrated Rocky Water Crystals prior to putting the grass down. Doing this with your shrubs and grass will cut down on watering and help develop their root systems, while yielding healthier more beautiful results all around.

Many water loving plants, such as your average philodendron, will thrive being planted directly into Rocky Water Crystals. Simply expand the rocks in an ivy bowl or like container and put the rooted end directly into them. You can dress up the rocks too by adding a drop or two of your favorite food coloring.


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